Raise Your Vibration 5 Day Challenge!
I wanted to create a challenge that I would LOVE doing. Something that I could really look forward to receiving every day. So, my gift to you- from my heart to yours- May we rise together! 
For 5 days, you can look forward to: 
• 20 minute (ish) bow flow video via secret YouTube link (Bowspring is so fun!)
• Daily music selection- 5 of my favourite songs (every day!)
• Daily tarot card reading drawn from the magical Wild Unknown Tarot deck
• Daily meditation/mindfulness quote
• Daily breathing technique
• Daily gratitude practice
• Daily meal inspiration {vegan, healthy} recipe! 
• Added surprise challenge just for fun

Added bonus: 
• Join my private Facebook group for awesome information, community connections with inspired, passionate people, exclusive Bowspring classes (live via zoom and secret YouTube links), more music, and other random cool stuff that I love such as- moon updates and horoscopes, intelligent articles or interesting/inspiring podcasts. 
Extra added bonus YouTube Videos:
• 5 short Bowspring videos to get you on your feet with some basic Bowspring poses
• One booty-full video for glutes on the rise!
• One core busters video for abs of length and strength 

• Plus: Clarity Questions for Success: Important questions you should consider!

“Vibe high and the magic around you will unfold.”
― Akilnathan Logeswaran
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